How credit card gives more profit to your online shopping

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  • 2018-09-28 07:35:30
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Credit cards are extremely nifty inventions….aquick source of easy money whenever you feel the cash crunch or feel a suddenshopping urge. However for most people credit cards bring along huge interestsbecause of pending bills and a steadily increasing unpaid balance. Ultimatelymost people end up spending money rather than saving money with their creditcards when it really should be the other way around. Experts from Paisafatafat reveal the secretsof reaping profits through credit cards.

  • Earn shopping points

Get hold of a card that lets you earn bonuspoints when you shop or spend money on the card. Some cards in the Indianmarket like SBI Simply Click, Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card, HDFC Solitaire CreditCard and Citibank Rewards Card are specially designed for shopping and earningpoints

Many credit card companies offer onlinevouchers and reward schemes that allow you to choose between different productsas a free gift. Utilize these options fully and you can profit by using thoseproducts as perfect gifting options during festive season….even if you don’tuse them personally. Apply credit cards online…they are easier to get that way.

  • Pay bills on time

OnlineCredit cards can only bring in profit if their bills are paid on time. The longer you defer payment, the more horrific is the interest rate. Even if you avail several lucrative discounts and amazing dealson credit cards …the profit is reversed or even translates into loss if thebills aren’t paid in the next cycle. If you have major purchases to make, try indulging in those purchases after the current cycle ends so that you buy sometime prior to bill payment.

Using a credit card intelligently to make profits is no mean feat but the expertsfrom India’s number 1 money management site are always there to help you.

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